4 Podcasts To Listen To

There are a lot of podcasts to listen to out there, but only a few have made me belly laugh the way these do. Below I share 4 of my favourite podcasts (in no particular order) which I listen to every week. So keep reading to find some gems…

Pennies to Pounds

Pennies to Pounds Podcast
Photo by penniestopoundspod on Instagram

Hosted by Kae (@ikeeyah) the Pennies to Pounds podcast is a must for anyone interested in learning more about aiding their financial literacy journey. It [pennies to pounds] first started off as a topic series of threads ranging from; credit cards, building your credit score, student loans and much more. As the public grew interest in the topics of discussion and the retweets racked up numbers… it wasn’t long until WE the public asked for full length episodes going into more depth and thus, the podcast was born.

Kae is a fun, vibrant and a warm host who feels like a comforting hand guiding you through your financial journey and I can’t say nicer things about the podcast. You have to listen for yourself.

Laid Bare

Photo by Israel Peters on InstagramĀ 

Laid Bare is for the ‘sex positive and opinionated’ as the girls say! Hosted by Oloni (@oloni), SJ (@shanijamilah) and Scotty (@scottyunfamous) the trio discuss dilemmas, sex and relationships.

I can guarantee you this will be one of the podcasts which will make you spit your drink out and burst out laughing saying ‘NO WAY’. From sharing their stories on one night stands and everything in between, these girls empower their audience to own who they are. Remember, consent is sexy! And the girls continuously promote that across all of their platforms.

Random Order

Random Order
Photo by randomordershow on Instagram

Hosted by Jae (@jaerichards), Trey (@treyrichards) and Sheldon (@sabastianxx), these guys are the creators of the most hilarious podcast. Random Order is a comedy podcast/ show about everything… literally. The two brothers Jae and Trey, sit down with their friend and musical artist Sheldon Sabastian to cover topics such as; music, funny baby names, wildlife and the occasional freestyle straight off the TOP.

Random Order provides insightful and very personal commentary on all things pop culture, Toronto, news and their experience growing up in Brampton. I can’t put into words how many times I’ve re-listened and watched episodes where I’ve laughed so hard my belly hurts. Jae, Trey and Shelz are relatable in the most random way (see what I did there hehe) and as a listener, it feels like you’re having a late night conversation with your closest friends.

The Receipts Podcast

Photo by thereceiptspodcast on Instagram


The Receipts Podcast is one of a kind to say the least. And if you’re unfamiliar with Milena (@milenasanchezx), Audrey (@ghanas_finest) and Tolly (@tolly_t) then GET TO KNOW. Receipts is the type of podcast for those who enjoy women with no filter. It’s often light-hearted with the occasional episode where they unpack childhood memories. But all in all, they talk about anything and everything. Every other episode is titled ‘Your Receipts’ where listeners send in their dilemmas (often relationship orientated) and the girls give you their utmost honest advice.

It’s the type of podcast you end up being addicted to.

And, That’s It!

Now go and have a listen to all of these amazing people. There’s a little something for everyone out there.

And I hope you like them as much as I do!

One thought on “4 Podcasts To Listen To

  1. This post is straight up GOLD! Been looking for some new podcasts to get into– especially eager to get into “Random Order”, so thanks for the tip!

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